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Falling For The Artist (Erotic Story)

The worn door to the shop opened to reveal the silhouette of a woman. Grey Eyes watched from behind the curtain as she stepped inside and made sure the door closed behind her. In the relatively dim light of the store he could recognize her. He’d never heard her name but knew that she visited the shop twice a week, looking at the art work but not buying anything, yet.

He watched her exchange smiles with Nana Coyote who knitted as she watched the front room. Nana did not smile at everyone so Grey Eyes could tell what she thought. But he didn’t need encouragement to be captivated by the woman. She was wearing a light sun dress that accentuated her large breasts and sensual curves. It was paired with some high heeled shoes… impractical for roaming the reservation but obviously important to her self-image.

She had a natural beauty to her, not from any magazine or movie but a hundred little things that make a real woman desirable. His mind began to list those little things but he hushed it.

Her path seemed random but it always led to the Buffalo Chair. It was the piece Grey Eyes was most proud of. It had taken a year of careful work, hours of planning before each carving session, research into the stories he wanted to tell in the wood. The chair held the tales of his tribe as far back as the elders could remember.

His people were once Cheyenne, the Buffalo people, but that was before the relocations. Unlike most of the tribe, Grey Eyes’ people ended up in northern Arizona with a range of land barely good enough to raise goats let alone the Buffalo herds at the center of their culture. A century and a half had passed but Grey Eyes wanted to make sure no one forgot.

During his reflection, he’d lost track of the woman. Now she was on the other side of the curtain. He could smell the notes of her… the perfume of her shampoo, the salt of her sweat, her heat.

“What’s back here?” she asked suddenly, pushing open the curtain and coming face to face with him. Well, not face to face as he easily had 5 inches height on her, even with her heels.

“I’m sorry but this leads to the workshop. We don’t allow customers past the curtain,” he said quietly, aware that his deep voice often carried a weight or seriously he did not intend.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she retreated, definitely affected by his presence so close. “Are you one of the artists?”

“I am THE artist,” he replied. “Would you like me to show you around?”

She swallowed and he saw her eyes dialate a little bit. Grey Eyes knew that women found him attractive and his work with wood had given him a robust, muscular physique.. But there was something different about her.

Grey Eyes had not actually spoken to many black people before. His eyes enjoyed looking at the darker brown of her skin, the way her black hair was styled, a dozen tell-tale differences between her people and his. They were both ‘brown people’ in the white man’s world. He found all of her beautiful.

Taking her hesitation for a yes, he gently took her elbow enough to guide her and began with the birds. He’d carved many of the native bird species, all life size with wings spread ready for flight. There were also a few that he did in a less realistic style, birds who populated the tales of his people… the Crow, the Raven, the Eagle, and more.

He’d spoken to enough customers to know that they sometimes bored easily but this woman appeared to drink up the details. So he spent extra time, explaining the meaning of each bit of the carving. She asked about the carving techniques, how he’d created such striking pieces. He found himself quite enjoying their conversation.

As they moved through the cramped shop, he stayed close to her and over time she appeared to become accustomed to it. He noticed that Nana Coyote had left and turned the shop sign to Closed. There were forces at work here that she didn’t want to disturb. Grey Eyes just hoped that bulge in his pants wasn’t too noticeable.

They reached the Buffalo chair.

“This is the greatest art work I’ve ever completed.” She hesitated, looking at it and then at him. He gave her a big warm smile. “No, please, sit. It is still a chair.” She returned the smile, swept the back of her skirt forward as she sat and got comfortable.

“This is amazing,” she said softly. “It feels comfortable and not hard like I expected.”

“Perhaps it was made for you,” he replied softly as well. She looked up at him and their eyes met. He held her gaze longer and longer, past an innocent glance, past socially-acceptable regard, every second increasing their intimacy… but it was too much, too soon. She finally looked away.

He began to explain the origin of the chair from finding the right trees, shaping them, and following the inspirations he found in the wood. He ended up leaning over her as she sat, pointing out different features in the wood but mostly to breathe in the perfume of her hair, her body, the scent she’d chosen for the day.

Suddenly the room seemed to get quite warm. It was like the light had changed. He looked at her and she was staring up at him. This time they both sought that intimacy, the meeting of their gazes. She stood and he didn’t move back so their bodies were touching each other. She turned her head up to his and he kissed her. His arms quickly moved to embrace her, to pull her tight to him and feel her soft curves against his hard body.

Her breath and taste were intoxicating. They stood like that as time disappeared, holding each other, lost in the intimacy of the kisses.

Finally, he wanted more. His hand moved down to firmly grasp her bottom and he felt her body tremble. Her hips turned, pressing her sex against the bulge in the front of his pants. His passions unleashed he lifted her up and felt her legs wrap around his body. Their kisses were more fervent, more glancing blows as he took her deeper into the store and up a flight of stairs to his apartment.

She laughed when he dropped her on the bed, the scratching woven blanket feeling like his rough hands on her body. She kicked off her heels on to the floor. He smiled wide stopping just short of a predatory grin. His shirt came off over his head revealing a muscular body with a tattoo of an eagle across his chest. He unbuckled his pants and kicked them off quickly along with his boots and boxers.

He felt powerful, standing before her naked, his large cock hard and jutting out toward her. Her eyes were drawn to it so he waited for her to make the next move.

Her sun dress had shifted upward revealing green satin panties between her thighs. She rolled up on her knees, unzipped the sun dress and laid it aside. Now she wore only the panties and a matching satin bra holding her large breasts in check. She walked forward on her knees and he came to the edge of the bed. He wanted her to take his cock, to offer herself in that way.

She was eager to oblige. He noted that her hand was confident as it grasped his shaft and began to firmly stroke it. He watched her place her lips on its head and down the shaft, her tongue slipping out the further she got. When she looked up, her eyes were on fire with desire. She held his eyes as her mouth opened and he saw and felt his cock move into her mouth.

He could never get over how intimate a woman sucking him felt. The mouth could kiss, could sing, taste, speak, and much more and he believed it to be very close to the soul.. The way she was licking and sucking him felt like a soul experience. It was not long before he grunted, a small warning that she was about to take him past the point of no return. She began humming and did not slow down.

“Oh yes…” he breathed as he felt the wonderful tightness begin across his body. His balls tightened and his groin, with the intensity of pleasure amping higher and higher. The pleasure got almost painfully intense before the contractions began. He felt sperm boiling up his shaft and watched as she kept him in her mouth the whole time. Wave after wave shot up his cock and he could feel it pooling in her mouth.

When it was finally over, his kneels felt weak. With one last slurp she let his softening cock escape her mouth. He watched her swallow and then hum to him in pleasure. He smiled widely in appreciation of her gift and just of her. He leaned down to kiss her, gently and deeply, tasting a hint of his own cum.

She pulled him to her body, their skin electric where it touched. Her hands groped his bottom wantonly as he caressed her hair, neck and shoulders. He nudged her to lay back on the bed and her legs spread wide easily, inviting him to her. Teasing her bottom he had her slide up the bed to make room and he laid down between her legs. Two could play this game and his cock needed time to recover.

She sighed as his body moved closer, his shoulders touching her thighs, spreading her wider. He watched the satin fabric pull over her mound and felt an extra thrill. Women in such sensual lingerie never failed to excite him even more. He nosed the fabric, drawing it across her puffy flesh, feeling how wet it already was with her arousal. He found the divide between her lips and pushed his nose against the fabric. The panties got tight as she grabbed them and pulled them against herself.

His hands slid under her bottom, holding and gripping her round flesh, elevating her slightly. His tongue joined his nose in exploring her delightful body through the panties though now they strayed lower… and lower. His hands drew her cheeks apart and he pressed the satin against her hole causing her to gasp and then take up a cat-like moan. He pressed harder against the sensual barrier until she was squirming, her legs spreading wider to try and let him inside her.

Having had his fun with the panties, he sat up and helped take them off of her. She took the chance to unhook and take off her bra, letting him see her large breasts. Needless to say his cock was nearly ready again.

Returning to their positions, he now faced her open pussy, rich black pubic curls around a pink slit of swollen lips. Her flesh gleamed with her moisture. This time he led with his tongue, tasting, lapping, and exploring her body. She responded quickly and vocally, making it easy for him to tell what she enjoyed the most, when to ease up and when to be more energetic. He used his fingers to assist and when they were very wet, he slid one, then two inside her pussy. When his tongue began swirling around her swollen clit she began to beg. “Oh yes please make me cum! Yes yes please suck it!”

He obliged, touching his lips to her clit as if it were a tiny cock. Her hands beat the bed as she came, her legs pressing against his body as they wanted to close. His fingers were gripped hard again and again as she came. He released her clit and resumed gentle nuzzling as she rode her waves. He didn’t want her to come down too far as he wasn’t finished with her.

She floated back to an aroused moaning as his tongue stroked her lips and his fingers pumped her. Her fingers laced into his hair as she caressed his head. Nudging her legs wider again, his lips and tongue strayed lower, below her pussy. That was the only time he heard her curse. “Oh fuck!”

In moments, his tongue was playing between her ass cheeks, teasing her hole as his fingers continued to thrust in and out of her pussy. She was moaning again and he could tell she was working her breasts, pulling on her large black nipples. He slipped his fingers down to explore her bottom, moving her boutiful juices inside. She was quickly taking two of his large fingers inside her and squirming in pleasure. He teased her hole with his tongue, replacing his fingers as he thrust it inside her. He felt her fingers rubbing her clit fast as he thrust his tongue in her bottom. Within moments, she was coming again and her bottom promptly forced his tongue out.

He held her legs gently as she came, feeling the vibrations through her body as she moaned loudly in pleasure. Even when she was coming down, her eyes were on fire. “I want you inside me,” she breathed, pulling at him.

His cock was fully hard once again so he easily maneuvered between her thighs and lined himself up. He paused. “I have condoms…” She reached out for his hips and purposefully pulled him forward, his thick cock entering and stretching her pussy. It took a moment for her to adjust to his cock but finally he was in fully, his balls resting against her. She drew him into a deep kiss as he felt her pussy moving against his shaft, thrilling him.

He moved to holding his body up with one hand, his free hand finally able to explore her ample breasts, cupping their volume and teasing her large, extended nipples. She was a gorgeous, curvaceous sexual being and she moved sensuously beneath him, drawing him to her on many levels.

With her hands stroking his chest, he began to withdraw and thrust with his hips. It felt so perfect and primal, what man and woman had done for eons, the perfect union of flesh. It didn’t take long for him to thrust faster and harder. She kept encouraging him over and over. Her body jiggled with each thrust and she grabbed his headboard to give him resistance.

He developed a rhythm and minutes passed of delicious pleasures. Finally she interrupted their mutual trance.

“Touch my pussy, I want to cum with you inside me,” she asked. He smiled and resumed thrusting.. Propped up on one arm, he slipped his free fingers down to her clit, finding it hot and wet.

“Oh yes, hard, fast now!” she blurted, gripping the headboard with pale knuckles. He swirled firmly around her extended clit as his body met hers with a jolt again and again. She bit her lip and panted for several moments before letting out a wail. He felt her pussy spasm and grip him. In an instant, he was over the edge, all the way in and thrusting out more cum deep inside.

Their bodies rang together in waves of pleasure as they spasmed ecstasy. But eventually, the wave subsided. He could feel himself softening, sliding on all the cum inside her. They were both sweaty and panting. He removes his cock from her and moved to her side, letting her legs close before he laid down next to her.

In his experience, she would have rolled to him, head on his bicep, hand to his chest, pleased and thankful. This time… this woman… he rolled to her, embraced her letting his hand rest gently on her breast. She turned and they kissed and looked at each other.

“Byron Grey Eyes,” he said quietly, realizing that he’d never introduced himself in quite this position.

“Claudette Miller,” she replied, laughing as they awkwardly shook hands.

“Miss Miller, would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?”

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