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Final Night On The River (Erotic Story)

It was the final night of our weeklong canoeing trip. In the morning, we would have just three more miles to travel on the river until we arrived at the public campground where my fiancée’s sister would be meeting us to take us back to reality, back to society and bills and jobs and traffic jams and innumerable rude people in the city.
I was not looking forward to that return.
I was also not really looking forward to wearing actual clothing again. For the entirety of our journey, my “attire” had consisted of swim trunks and sandals, and occasionally a t-shirt at night. Aura’s “attire” had been similar: bikini, sandals, perhaps a t-shirt at night, and the silver belly chain which she always wore regardless of the occasion.
Dinner finished, the tent erected near the tree line, the canoe firmly beached on the sand, the meager food and other smellables hung up in a bear bag, I returned to the small fire built earlier by the river. Aura sat watching the flames dance before her, her forearms resting upon her knees with her chin resting upon her forearms. This time, she wore no sandals, only the dark-green bikini and the faded white Lara Croft t-shirt she so loved… and, certainly, the belly chain hidden from my view by the t-shirt. The small portable radio was beside her in the sand, a slow violin solo playing softly on the classical station. The expression on Aura’s face was one of sadness, an expression I never liked to see but one which was most likely mirrored upon my own face.
The evening chores finished, I kicked off my sandals into the tent and strode across the tall cool grass and onto the warmer sand. The sand between my toes felt nice, but I knew that this would be my last opportunity to feel it until the following summer, when Aura and I planned to repeat this journey – albeit on a different section of the river – for our honeymoon.
I finally knelt behind my fiancée and snaked my arms between her thighs and her stomach, holding her lovingly, rocking her gently. “Must we really return tomorrow?” she asked quietly, disappointment in her voice.
“I’m afraid so,” I replied. “Unless the city gets overrun with Martians during the night, we need to go back tomorrow. But at least your sister isn’t due to pick us up until 4PM, so we’ll still have much of the day to ourselves.”
“True,” Aura replied. “When would be the latest we would need to leave here to meet her on time?”
I thought for a moment. “If we really pushed hard, we could leave here as late as 3PM, but I’m not sure we really should do that. I’d say Noon is the latest we should leave, which would allow us a much more leisurely trip to the campground. Plus, it would allow us time to get off the river for an hour or so if a thunderstorm rolls through in the afternoon like it did a few days ago.”
Leaning back into me, Aura caressed my arms. She sighed sadly, echoing my feelings. “At least we’ll be back here next summer,” she offered, perhaps more for her own benefit.
“Exactly,” I replied, giving her a gentle squeeze. “We’ll be back on the river for our honeymoon. I know it’s unconventional for a honeymoon, but it will be wonderful, just like this week has been.”
“I’m not worried about being conventional or unconventional,” she stated honestly, reiterating a point I already knew quite well. “If we must leave the river tomorrow, I only hope the next twelve months pass quickly. I like the freedom of being out of the city, away from the noise and the smog and the rudeness. I like having Nature as my dwelling, not some tiny apartment because that is all we can afford because of the high cost of rent and food. I like traveling with only one other person, not being shoehorned into a subway car. And most of all, I really prefer wearing just a bikini instead of business attire every day… especially those damned heels!!!”
I simply held her for a long time, my chin atop her head, my hands caressing her tenderly. The final hint of daylight long disappeared from the sky, I held her underneath the stars, the moon large and full as it slowly rose above the tree line. The crackle of the fire, the whisper of the wind in the trees, and the bubbling of the river were the only sounds, and they all added to the scene, both enhancing our final night alone in the wilderness and sadly reminding us of what we would both miss about this week once we returned to society.
“Make tonight special for me,” Aura finally requested, the first words either of us had spoken in perhaps nearly an hour. “Make love to me, please.”
I smiled to myself. “Sure, but perhaps the sand is not the best place to make love. I’d hate to have you itching in such an intimate place if we were to get sand inside you.”
My fiancée actually giggled softly at that honest comment. I could tell that she was starting to feel better about leaving now that she had the idea of lovemaking in her head. I knew what she was thinking: A pleasant memory of our final night on the river would make the butter pill of our return to reality much easier to swallow. Moreover, I could only agree with her heart’s romantic logic.
“Well, we can at least start here,” Aura whispered, reaching up to caress my cheek. I simply smiled, feeling a very familiar stirring.
Through the t-shirt, I ran my fingers along my fiancée’s belly chain. “Is this where you wanted me to start?” I whispered into her ear.
“It’s not bad,” she answered, “but I was hoping that you would start elsewhere, perhaps a little higher up.”
Purposely, I slipped a hand lower, cupping her sex through the thin bikini briefs. For a moment, I thought of slipping a finger around the crotch of the briefs and inside her body, but held back instead.
“Actually, I meant the other ‘up.'”
“Oh… Well, you know me: the worst person in the world with a map and compass.”
That caused Aura to giggle a little, which was the intended effect. Slowly, my hand trailed up underneath the front of her t-shirt, gently caressing and scratching at her stomach and her ribs before finally coming to rest upon her left breast.
“Much better,” she sighed. “But what about the other one?”
“Your wish is my command.” My other hand slowly followed suit until I was cupping both wonderful warm breasts through the bikini bra. Her nipples were already quite prominent against my hands, and as she interlaced her fingers behind my head, it naturally thrust her chest into my hands, which I took as a signal to fondle her feminine swells with a little more pressure.
The flames before us danced gloriously, and the beautiful young woman before me began to dance against me. She whimpered mesmerizingly as her body swayed from side to side while she also rocked gently back and forth against me. The lone violin had picked up the tempo and been joined by a full orchestra, setting the rhythm to my fiancée’s movements against me. I even found myself joining in the unusual dance, my hands squeezing her breasts in time with the music.
Never breaking the rhythm, Aura unlocked her fingers from behind my head and lifted the t-shirt from her body, giving me freer access to her chest. My hands moved as if they had minds of their own, journeying up and down each breast, traveling as far up as the collarbone before descending once more. Reaching over, Aura turned off the radio, yet her body continued its seductive dance against me, causing my arousal to lengthen.
She turned around in my arms, and we kissed. Our lips remaining locked together, she nudged me to my back upon the sand, laying upon me as the kiss lengthened, extended. She knew just how much I enjoy having her lay upon me, her weight pressing down nicely upon me, her mons sliding along and across my hardened manhood, her breasts crushed against my chest, her fire-orange hair surrounding my face like a curtain. And when she at last lifted her lips from mine, she placed a single kiss upon the tip of my nose before burying her face in my neck, her breath hot against my unprotected skin.
My hands found their way to the scantily-clad cheeks, gripping them gently yet firmly. I very nearly spanked her, but decided against it as that is not necessarily romantic, even by our standards. Instead, I reinforced her own rhythm, assisting her in sliding up and down the length of my fleshy sword as she humped me, breathing hotly into my neck from the effort. From the inarticulate sounds escaping her lips and the way she was clutching at my head, I knew that my fiancée was deriving her own pleasure from this particular activity, and even if I never reached orgasm on this particular night, I wanted desperately to ensure that her climax was a good one for her, one she would remember for the coming year-long “intermission” before our return to this river.
I could feel Aura’s wetness through our swimwear. Her liquid desire seemed to spread across me like a virus spreading from computer to computer throughout a network. How many times before had I felt this? I honestly could not recall, yet each time was special – this time even more special given the environment.
The fire warmed us, the river sang to us, the gentle breeze cooled us, the stars and the moon smiled upon us, and I felt the need to escalate this to the next level.
Carefully, I rolled us so that Aura was on her back in the sand. Her legs instinctively parted, I positioned myself so that my solid phallus effectively nestled upon her feminine crease, then began to slowly slide back and forth. Propped up on stiffened arms, I gazed down upon her angelic face, watching the expressions of rapture, studying her reactions to know how best to vary the angle or the pressure or the speed of my movements. The sounds escaping her naughty lips also informed me of how I could best pleasure her. The few times that her eyes fluttered open, I could tell that she was not truly seeing me, such was the distant, passion-hazed appearance of her hazel eyes.
My own pleasure definitely was not being ignored. Perhaps because of the outdoors environment, I could not remember having ever been so intensely aroused in my life. While we had both made love and fucked nightly during our canoeing trip, it had always been inside the tent, away from any potential prying eyes. In this particular situation, however, we were clearly visible to anyone in the area, and with the moon now bright and rising ever higher into the sky, it was feasible that someone may just be canoeing on the river, right past “our” beach, watching us either in amazement or in shock… or perhaps in envy.
“Oh! Oh! I’m gonna…! Nnnhhh! I’m gonna…!”
I angled again to apply much firmer pressure to Aura’s clitoris, and was rewarded by her death grip of my bare back and her wails of passion. It was almost enough to cause me to unleash my own passion right then and there, but somehow I miraculously was able to hold myself in check, stilling myself and simply rocking gently across her pronounced clitoris, feeling the surging nectar soaking her bikini briefs as well as my swim trunks.
As she lay panting and moaning in the sand, I dismounted my fiancée and carefully picked up her sweat-covered form. She was nearly limp in my arms, her grasp around my neck tenuous at best as I cautiously rose to my feet and carried her toward the river. She was still whimpering when I knelt in the river and carefully set her down in the water in a small natural pool we had discovered late in the day, leaning her back against a small boulder with the water just barely reaching the tops of her shoulders. She looked frazzled, spent, sexy.
I straddled her legs as I faced her, occasionally kissing her face while lovingly touching her body under the water’s surface. My actions were clearly having an effect on her, evidenced by the sated smile which slowly spread across her visible lips. She made no attempt to touch me, which disappointed me slightly, but I felt as if I could touch her forever and still never tire of it.
“You’re much too good to me,” Aura finally whispered, her eyes fluttering open. “I just hope that no one else saw just how good you are to me.”
I smiled at that, taking her statement as a compliment. “Only the creatures of the night,” I assured her, hoping it was actually a true statement. “Then again, the way you screamed, you may have scared them all away.”
“Good,” she responded, her smile widening still. “Then that means that I have you all to myself.” She reached toward me, and pulled me close for a long, heartfelt hug.
In time, I released her and leaned back in my kneeling stance, my hands slowly roaming her body underneath the surface of the water. In the moonlight, my fiancée looked at me intently, speaking silent seductions with her eyes, quietly urging me to continue touching her, stroking her, loving her with my hands.
How could I resist?
As I continued to touch her, however, I noticed the moonlight waning. Glancing skyward, I saw clouds obscuring the moon, with even darker clouds approaching from the southwest. But the dimming lighting definitely did not dim the enthusiasm and respect of my careful touches upon the flawless body before me.
“I just had a thought,” my fiancée ultimately whispered. “What if we make this place our first stop on our honeymoon next year?”
“Why here?” I asked, unsure where this conversation was going.
“Because this would be a great place to sit, surrounded by cool water, having you touching me so intimately, wearing my wedding dress…” I could tell from the far-off look in her eyes that Aura was indeed imagining that very scenario. I laughed softly to myself, finding her idea at once ludicrous and oddly romantic.
“We’ll see about that,” I said honestly, a hand again cupping her sex, leaning forward to kiss her forehead.
“Let’s go to the grass,” Aura suggested quietly.
“Sure.” Reluctantly, I retracted my hands from my fiancée’s body, then stood in the river. She accepted my proffered hand and I helped her to gain her feet beside me, pulling her suddenly against me for a long, heated kiss as I groped her roughly. Her squeal of surprise was beautiful music to my ears, but then I suddenly released her and then picked her up again. This time, her hold around my neck was much stronger, much more secure, as I carried the spellbinding siren to the shore, over the sand, past the fire, and to the expanse of grass between the sand and the tree line, setting her gently on her feet.
Yet Aura continued to descend. She dropped to her knees before me, kissing my stomach, stroking my legs as my fingers toyed with her hair. I knew what she had in mind, and that knowledge caused my manhood to begin lengthening again, my swim trunks unfortunately preventing her from immediately wrapping her succulent lips around my growing erection and taking me deep into her mouth, allowing me to knock at the top of her throat.
Aura took matters into her own hands. No longer content to simply kiss me and touch me, my fiancée’s hands slid up to the waistband of my swim trunks, then slowly lowered them. I stepped out of the wet, suddenly-superfluous garment, and she made a show of tossing it aside, banishing it from our collective consciousness.
She suddenly engulfed me. The dainty lips closed around my bulbous tip, and I watched with great admiration as they slowly descended my length. Hidden from my view, I was caressed by her long, pointed tongue as it slithered around my manhood, teasing me nicely. Closing my eyes, my other senses almost instantly were heightened, her touches electrifying, the soft sound of her lewd slurping delighting my ears each time her lips passed from head to shaft.
I smelled the rain long before I heard it. The breeze had increased slightly, but then I could hear the first drops of water falling upon the forest’s many trees. Aura did not seem to notice; she continued diligently pleasing me, fondling my testicles with one hand allowing my hands to guide the movement of her head. In my mind’s eye, I pictured her kneeling before me in this very location, fondly servicing me wearing an elegant wedding dress.
Perhaps we would indeed start our honeymoon here.
The initial drops of rain fell upon us. Something about the rain ignited the need within me, and although I am typically quite gentle with her in everything we do, I held Aura’s head still and my hips began to move on their own, gaining speed, increasing the pleasure I was feeling from her warm, wet cavity. My breathing quickened, an occasional grunt escaped my throat. I was using Aura’s mouth for my pleasure as she gripped my thighs tightly, moaning herself at my unbridled use of her.
Opening my eyes again, I looked down at my beautiful fiancée. She looked so obscene with my meaty erection filling her mouth, her saliva spilling out from her lips. But her eyes were what captivated me: two large hazel orbs filled with abundant love despite her clearly submissive position before me. I stilled myself, holding her head so that my fleshy sword threatened to descend her throat if I were to push just a little more forward, yet the love in her eyes never wavered even when she blinked.
After a few seconds, I withdrew from her small mouth, which allowed Aura to gasp for air, taking in huge, loud lungsful of oxygen. I dropped to my knees and hugged her tightly, a silent “thanks” for allowing me to use her mouth as I just did. To my surprise, however, as the rain fell a little harder upon us, both her small hands wrapped around my sex, stroking me firmly.
My entire body shuddered, my moaning breaths ragged in her ear. I knew that if I allowed her to masturbate me for very long, I would unleash my white-hot love sooner than I would have liked. Attempting to distract her, my hands untied the strings behind her neck, then the strings near mid-back, baring her breasts to the view of any night animals who might still be in the area.
Perhaps being topless made Aura bolder, for she suddenly released my lengthy erection and pushed me to my back upon the grass. She gave a low mock growl as she crawled up my body, then lowered herself onto me, her weight pressing me nicely into the ground. She growled in my ear again, then bit my shoulder gently. I clutched her eagerly, reveling in the feel of her teeth as she repeatedly bit my shoulders and neck, slightly adding more and more pressure yet not really hurting me in any way. My eyes closed, the rain fell harder upon us, the warm water feeling nice against those parts of my body not protected by hers.
Eventually, the biting ceased, and my fiancée stilled herself upon me. The rain was now steady and warm as I simply held her. Her intimate proximity combined with the weight of her body pressing into me and the wonderful warm wetness of the falling rain kept me quite aroused, and she whispered her observation of that fact into my ear.
I smiled, my hands slipping down her wet bare back to her wet, thinly-covered posterior. For several long minutes, I caressed her lower cheeks, enjoying her show of appreciation and affection as she kissed and licked my neck. She ultimately began to move slightly, gently humping my meaty erection.
Somehow, I “knew” the time was right. I pulled at the strings at her hips, the strings keeping her most intimate areas protected from view by society. Aura continued to hump me slowly, but her breathing had definitely changed. The strings at her hips finally untied, I gently pulled the final garment from my fiancée’s body, exposing her fully to any prying eyes. She wasted no time, slowly rising to straddle me, then rising long enough to hold my manhood erect and then impale herself slowly with a long, needful moan.
Aura looked so beautiful. Her hair was stringy from the rain, but it fell around her face like an elegant curtain. Her breasts were proud and prominent, the nipples small but clearly as hard as diamonds. Her wet skin seemed to gleam on her right side as the cascading water reflected the light of the waning fire.
While the rain falling upon me was warm and wet, Aura’s body was warmer and wetter, and she clenched her inner muscles around my hearty invader, causing me to gasp softly. She giggled softly at my reaction, leaned forward to place her hands upon my chest, directly over my own nipples, and began to slowly rise and fall upon my lengthy phallus.
We remained like that for a long time. I caressed her as she rose and fell like a sailboat riding the waves of a choppy sea, pausing to rest for a few moments before resuming her ride. The rain continued to spill upon us, slowly increasing in intensity even as she maintained a very deliberate, romantic pace.
At last, I nudged my fiancée off me, and we changed position so that I was on my knees behind her as she moved to her hands and knees. I penetrated her once again, then bent over her. One hand between her legs to gently stroke her clitoris, one hand gripping a hanging breast for leverage, I set a slow pace for our lovemaking, enjoying the increasingly-numerous spasms around my invading phallus as her body reacted to the stroking of her sensitive bud. As she became more and more aroused, Aura moved against me with increasing force, her voice rising in volume.
Then, my beautiful, glorious, wondrous siren screamed into the night. Her arms collapsed, her face buried in the grass, I grabbed her hips and roughly pounded her quaking passage, attempting to prolong her delirious pleasure while holding back my own release as long as possible, yet it was a battle I was very quickly losing…
I poured my love into my love.
In the aftermath of our outdoor lovemaking, we cuddled in the rain, allowing sleep to overtake us as the rain quickly dwindled to a slight sprinkle. And when we awoke with daylight upon us, it was with the knowledge that the first night of our honeymoon would indeed be spent in this very spot, reenacting the memorable night just passed.

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