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Yard Work (Erotic Story)

Yard Work

It was one of those hot summer days in New York State, and after a long cold winter this was a day that I described as a “Three H” day; Hazy, Hot, and it made me oh so Horny.

You could say I am a fairly domesticated suburban type guy; I have a lovely wife, Liz, two kids, a decent house, and a 9 to 5 job. I would say I live a fairly safe life by most people’s standards but hey, I like it that way.

Liz and I have a good sex life and we have experimented with a few different kinds of sex, like videotaping ourselves, but although Liz thought her tits looked huge, she said her ass looked bigger on the TV. Despite our brief venturesome trials, we have always found ourselves reverting back to the “safe” missionary position with the occasional blow job. I’m not complaining, but after 10 years of the same routine sometimes your mind starts to wander.

That’s exactly what happened to me during a hot summer day last July. I was mowing my lawn with my Lawn Boy push lawn mower and working up a good sweat. I had taken my shirt off and was left wearing a thin pair of running shorts. Every time I moved, the head of my cock would rub against the silky liner of my shorts, and in no time my cock had expanded until it was fully engorged. It felt so good, and with every step I took, I began wondering if I could actually cum while mowing the lawn.

I didn’t need much stimulation either because the feeling of being outside in public, almost completely naked, was liberating and exciting. For most of the year in the Northeast we are forced to wear two or three full layers of clothes. There was nothing better than walking around almost totally naked and being perfectly socially acceptable.

As I continued to mow, I looked over and saw a sight that always made my cock jump, it was my neighbor Carla. She was about 4 years older than me, and had a hot body with giant perky tits that always seemed to stare at me through the tight t-shirts that she always wore. She had short dark hair that revealed a tattoo of a Chinese symbol on the nape of her tan neck, which may have been one of the sexiest things about her. It was hard to say for sure though, because there were so many sexy things about her. Like her skin, it was a perfect olive complexion that I imagined would taste like creamy milk chocolate if I ever had the chance to taste it. Oh yeah, did I mention she was a lesbian; maybe now you know why a safe guy like me fantasizes so much about her. It’s always the things you can’t have in life that tend to dominate your thoughts.

Carla was doing some yard work of her own, pulling weeds and stuff like that. Every time she bent over to pick up a handful of weeds, I could see the round bottoms of her perfect ass just barely dipping below her short shorts. When I looked hard enough I could see lighter skin from her tits through the sides of her homemade sleeveless T-shirt. Was it an accident that she cut so much fabric off the sides of her shirt, or that she wasn’t wearing a bra, or did she do it on purpose? I didn’t know or care, I was just thankful to be a witness.

Carla drove me crazy and she knew it, as a matter of fact it was kind of a joke between us. We were polar opposites, I was straight, boring, and safe, and she was very dangerous like high voltage wires. We both knew we weren’t going to have sex with each other, but she used to talk to me all the time about the sex she had with her hot 20 something female flings. It was like talking about sex with your buddies, but your buddy just happened to be a cross between Martina McBride and Jenna Jameson. Carla knew those talks were most likely the highlight of my week, and I think it amused her like a drooling clumsy puppy dog amuses his owner. We were two opposite who shared a common bond, we both loved hot women.

I have always been faithful to Liz, but every time Carla bent over to pick up those weeds, all I could imagine was her melon sized round ass cheeks sliding up and down my throbbing hot cock, coating it with her pussy juices. I could taste those beautiful large tan titties slapping me in the face as I tried to lick the sweat off of her salty erect nipples in between bounces.

Needless to say, my cock was throbbing now, and just about peeking right up at me above the waistline of my shorts. It felt so good I was about ready to find the answer to my earlier question about cumming while mowing.

Just then Carla turned around and caught me staring at her; she couldn’t help but notice the way my shorts were sticking out like a miniature tent.

“Wow Tanner,” she exclaimed. “I never knew you liked mowing the lawn so much,” laughing and motioning at my shorts.

“Uh, oh yah, uh sometimes that happens” I said. What a dumb-ass I am, I couldn’t think of a better response than that? I was busted and she loved it.

“Tanner,” Carla yelled from her yard, “you better settle down a bit before you finish mowing, does your wife know lawn mowers make you so horny?”

Just then Liz shouted out the window,

“What’s that? My husband is in love with a Lawn Boy? Does that make you bi honey?” She said laughing.

Then Liz came out of the house cupping her breasts in each hand saying

“What’s the matter, my 36c’s aren’t doing it for you anymore? You need a Briggs and Stratton 150cc instead”?

She and Carla both erupted in laughter, now I am completely embarrassed; I have my wife and my hot lesbian neighbor laughing at me and pretty much insulting my manhood.

I couldn’t say “Actually honey, I was fantasizing about fucking Carla,” so I just laughed it off and said,

“I’m taking a beer break, who’s ready for one?”

Of course Carla and Liz smiled, and in unison responded “Weeee arrrrrre,” in their not so innocent voices.

Soon I was back with some frosted mugs I had pulled from the freezer, and a round of ice cold beers. I always loved a woman who wasn’t too proud to drink beer, now I was sitting on our patio, almost naked, talking with two of them. One beer lead to another and before long the conversation went directly to sex. Feeling braver now, with a few beers in me I decided to put Carla on the hot seat.

“Carla, what was all the noise coming from your house the other night?” I said with a laugh. “I couldn’t get to sleep for hours?”

“Honey,” Liz poked me in the arm, “Stop it.”

“No, no it’s okay Liz,” Carla assured her. “You want to know about all the noise?”

“I was licking my girlfriend’s pussy and fucking her with three fingers at the same time.”

I swallowed hard.

Carla continued on, “Let’s see, it could have been that, or it could have been when she squirted her tangy pussy juice all over my chest and then licked it off of my swollen titties,” she said in a breathy voice squeezing Liz’s tit like she was getting ready to lick it. “I can never control myself when that happens, so I’m sure we must have been pretty loud at that point.” Carla smiled and took a sip of beer. “Now, does that answer your question Tanner?” Carla sarcastically replied with a proud grin leaning back in her chair with her arms folded.

Liz hi fived Carla for putting me back in my place, and Liz turned to me with her head cocked and arms folded “yeah Tanner, do you have any other questions for our neighbor?”

Foiled, I poured three more beers for us and said, “Okay, I call a truce. I will never be able to embarrass you like you do to me Carla, so you win. I do have another question, though, Carla. There is something that I have been wondering about. Maybe you could help me out with it.”

“What’s that?” she replied.

“That whole squirting thing” I said; “I have tried to make Liz squirt a few times, and I just can’t do it. Is there some kind of secret to it? Maybe you could help show me what am I doing wrong?”

Liz, now anticipating Carla’s response, uncrossed her legs and turned to Carla saying.

“He has a good point; I have wondered about squirting myself, I want to do it but don’t know how.” Liz dipped her finger in her beer and almost subconsciously began rubbing it on her full red lips as she waited for Carla’s reply. Liz’s eyes were begging Carla to come and lick it off.

With a coy smile on her face, Carla turned to me and said, “Well you know Tanner, since you guys are my neighbors it’s my duty to help you out, right? You shovel my driveway in the winter; this can be my way of paying you back, kind of like neighbors helping neighbors right? The least I could do is to help you out a little here. I could demonstrate the proper technique on Liz, and you could pay close attention to what I’m doing. How does that sound?”

Before I could reply, Liz had her red sundress pulled up revealing nothing but her shaved pussy that had obviously been dripping for some time now. The light hit it just right as her dress went up giving off a brilliant shine in the hot sunlight. I wanted to dive in and quench my sexual thirst, but as my mouth was approaching Liz’s steaming pussy lips, Carla grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled me back and said “Remember big boy, your job is to watch and learn…that’s all.”

Then, with her middle and index fingers together, Carla circled them on her tongue a few times, locking eyes with Liz she slowly leaned in towards her and began to rub the outside of her soaked pussy. Carla brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them, moaning with lust she circled the same two fingers on her own clit a few times soaking them again with her own pussy juice. Again, focused on Liz’s eyes she slowly moved towards her. Their pouty lips met in the sexiest kiss I have ever seen, at the same time Carla rubbed and teased Liz’s nipples with her pussy soaked fingers. I could smell the sex in the humid summer air. Carla helped Liz remove her dress, and then moved on top of her. She alternated between French kissing her and licking the outside of her lips. Liz laid back with her eyes closed, and her mouth open relishing every moment. Carla kissed her way down Liz’s neck, and then to her breasts that were coated in Carla’s own juices.

Carla continued to expertly tantalize Liz’s nipples with her tongue. The only thing harder than Liz’s nipples at this point was my own throbbing cock. I had precum leaking out uncontrollably. “Fuck it” I said, “these shorts are coming off.”

I had to use every bit of restraint left in me not to jump right in the middle of this, but it was such a perfect moment I didn’t want to do anything to ruin it.

Carla continued licking her way down Liz’s writhing body, and I could tell Liz could not get Carla’s mouth on her pussy soon enough. As Carla’s tongue was playing its own game with Liz’s belly button ring, Liz was trying to thrust her hips up as high as she could to encourage Carla to lick her aching pussy. Carla prolonged Liz’s agony by stopping and removed her shirt; she then continued her trek down to Liz’s pelvic area.

Carla took her lonely right tit and began rubbing her erect nipple on Liz’s glistening wet pussy. Liz’s breathing became uneven and erratic now as Carla rubbed her nipple “hard-on” faster and faster along Liz’s slippery hard clit.

Carla winked at me and said “now pay attention sport.”

I almost creamed when Carla took two fingers with her palm facing up towards the sky, and inserted them into Liz’s hungry pussy. Liz thrusted her hips down hard against Carla’s hand After Carla’s fingers were all the way inside her, Carla said

“Now Tanner, after you slide your fingers all the way in, you move them like this.”

She pointed at me with her other hand and made a “come here” type motion with her fingers. Whatever she did, it was working because Liz was now panting heavily, and in a whispered voice repeated “Yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, Yes, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

I knew she loved every minute and would cum soon. I was right there with her, my rock hard cock was in my hand and I was stroking it slowly trying not to cum. I watched my wife get her pussy licked and fingered by my hot lesbian neighbor, hell I was in pure bliss and disbelief at the same time.

Carla was now licking Liz’s swollen clit and fingering her with the same “come here” motion that she demonstrated. With her other hand she was rubbing her own clit as fast as she could go. Just then Liz bucked her hips, took a huge breath and held it, and then with a loud strained “Yyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss,” she gushed a stream of milky sweet juice all over Carla’s tits and mouth. Carla kept licking with a devilish grin on her face; Liz reached out for my cock and yanked it to her empty craving mouth. As she continued to buck from her orgasm, she started sucked me like she had thirsted for days.

After about 5 seconds my tightened balls could withstand no more, and I forcefully came all over Liz’s mouth and tits. Usually Liz would swallow every last drop of me, but this time she relished the moment as she bathed in my cum. Both of our bodies spasmed in unison as we heard Carla exhale forcefully, I could tell she didn’t want to overshadow our epic moment, but was having her own orgasm as well.

As our breathing began to turn back to normal, Carla crawled back up to Liz, laid down on top of her and started licking my cum off of her mouth. At the same time Carla was rubbing her tits all over Liz’s cum laced titties. I immediately felt another orgasm brewing as Carla sat up, turned to me with my cum spread all over her flushed tits and said,

“Tanner, your cum is pretty good, why don’t you come over here and try some of it.” She offered her cum soaked nipple to me.

As I leaned in to lick my own juices off of Carla’s picturesque body, I heard a loud noise almost like a gunshot that yanked me out of my daze into reality.

Shit, I had hit a rock with my lawn mower and sent it flying right through the window of my brand new SUV. As I watched broken glass spread all over my driveway my heart broke. I shut off the lawnmower and scratched my head trying to figure out what had just happened, and I saw Carla standing there with two beers in her hand. She had just finished pulling weeds.

“Damn sport, it looks like you need a beer break” she said trying not to laugh at me.

“You have no idea Carla” I responded with a smile, “you have no idea.”

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