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Wife Gone Crazy (Erotic Story)

Wife Gone Crazy

My wife, now my ex, was very shy. However, I think some women, deep down, can have exhibitionist tendencies, I can’t remember the reason, but I got her to come with me to a strip club. As luck would have it, it was amateur night.

When we arrived, the festivities had already begun. The place was packed. Some of the girls danced, but only got topless. Some would strip to a thong and periodically lower the front to give a peek at their pubic area. Some would strip to their thong and drop their thong down around their knees and then yank it back up.

I asked my wife if she would like to do that. She looked at me like I had three heads. I kept asking her, and she kept refusing. I begged her to try it. She asked if she did, would I shut up. I said yes.

She got up and sought out the place you sign up. She came back and said there were two girls in front of her. She was going backstage to prepare. She had a very reluctant look on her face.

They gave each dancer 3 dances. Finally, it was her turn. Out she walked on the stage, still looking scared. The music started. She started to move a little. The audience was getting a little restless. Periodically she could hear “take it off”. She was in the middle of the first song, and she started unbuttoning her blouse, and the cheers began. I think she liked the appreciation. By the time the first song was over she was moving better, and she had removed her blouse, and stood there in her bra and skirt.

The second song began. She started a little more gyrating. She unzipped her skirt, and motioned to the audience if they wanted her to remove it. “Take it off” chant began. She finished lowering the zipper, and dropped the skirt. Now I did not know if she could go any further. There she stood in her bra and panties. She did keep moving. Then, to my surprise, she reached behind her and unfastened her bra. She held it over her breasts as the second song finished.

The third song began, and she threw the bra aside to the cheers of the crowd. She danced topless for a while. The chant of ‘Take it off” and “pussy pussy” began to crescendo. Her panties had little bow-tie fasteners on each side. She turned her right side to the audience and unfastened that side. The audience went nuts. She display the left side and unfastened it.. She held the panties in front of her pussy, then threw them in the audience. There she stood completely nude. She danced that way for a few minutes, and if I did not know better, I think she liked it. She bent over several times, displaying herself. Then, and this knocked me over, she laid on the stage , raised her legs and spread them. The crowd exploded. She won the contest to my surprise. She walked back to her seat, still nude. She put her clothes in the car and decided to walk naked across the street. She came back and got in the car. We drove home. She said she did not know she could feel that.. We got back home and walked naked into the house. Sex that night was incredible.

She really enjoyed it, and this was just the beginning of our adventures. These is nothing like seeing your wife standing happily nude on stage in front of an audience. Man, she lost all her inhibitions when she heard the screams from the crowd. We did that a few more times; but then she wanted to up her game.

We talked about it and she decided to entertain my buddies on poker night. I told the guys my wife might do something exotic, and if that made them uneasy they could back out. As it turned out, on the night of the card game they arrived early.

The wife decided to strip completely nude for the guys, and spend the rest of the evening nude serving chips, and beers etc. So I had the four of them sit on the sofa, and my wife entered.

She wore a dress like she wore everyday. She started her music and danced a while. She then started removing her dress. I was getting excited, I imagine they were too. She danced a few minutes in her underwear. Then she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. She thew it aside and danced topless. She was wearing shoes and thong panties. She removed her shoes so as to be completely nude when done. Then she turned around and displayed her beautiful ass; then she slid her panties down and off; bending as she did. She turned around and stood there in all her magnificent nudity.

She continued dancing an pulled out a chair. She sat down and spread her legs. She had a beautifully shaved pussy. The guys went wild.

Reluctantly we started the card game. The wife stood by the table and fetched snacks and beer. She remained that way the entire time.

The card game broke up, but my wife had one more surprise. She had me stand, and knelt before me. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. she placed in her mouth, then before starting to suck, she told the other guys they could relieve themselves if they wanted. Out came their cocks.

She started sucking and they started stroking. It did not take me long to blow my load, I came all over her face. Then she looked over at the sofa, asked each guy in turn to take my place. She sucked everyone of them off, and they too came on her face. There is nothing quite as titillating as watching a cock go in and out of your wife’s mouth.

She had five loads of cum on her face. She started putting the cum in her mouth and drank almost every drop.She walked them each to the door and kissed them. We had amazing sex that night. I wondered what would be next for her.

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