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The Temp Secretary (Erotic Story)

The Temp Secretary

Mike waited until the clock finished chiming the five o’clock hour, before getting up from his desk. He walked out of his office into the lobby carrying his coat. He turned at the front door to face the secretary.

“Have a great weekend, Theresa!” he said with a smile.

“You too, Mark. I’ll see you on Monday,” she replied, also smiling.

Mike looked behind her, and hollered out, “Have a good one, Dave!”

The other agent in the office, Dave, peeked his head out his office door and replied, “You too, Mike. You guys still going camping this weekend?”

“Yeah, Maggie and the boys are already loading up the Jeep, waiting for me to get home, so we can get on the road.”

“Well, don’t let me keep you,” Dave smiled, waving for his friend to take off.

As soon as Mike was gone, and the front door closed with a thud, Dave turned to Theresa.

“Theresa, go lock the door, and come see me in my office.”

Dave didn’t just see his secretary’s dark chocolate complexion; he saw a very sexy woman. She felt his gaze boring into her, through her clothing as if she weren’t wearing any. She felt a warmth spread to her toes, groaning silently. She liked the slightly tanned skin of his forehead, around his lips and eyes. His eyes were her favorite feature, a very deep hazel that shimmered just so.

He turned and walked back into the depths of his office, while Theresa got up and did as he asked. She turned and sauntered into Dave’s office, shutting the door behind her.

“You wanted to see me, boss?” she asked, giving him a puppy dog look.

“Yes, I wanted to let you know how good you’ve been doing, filling in for Mary while she’s out on maternity leave,” he replied.

She smiling coyly at him, batting her eyelashes. “Really? I’d hoped I was doing well. I’ve been trying to pick it up as quickly as possible. Did I do something wrong?”

He stood from his chair, and walked around to the side where Theresa was standing. Dave looked her up and down, sending a shiver through her at his intensity. His look was that of a hungry predator, stalking its prey. Theresa looked on with a foggy gaze, obviously aware of his desire. He moved in behind her, running his hands over her shoulders, lightly touching her silky blouse.

“No. You’ve done so well, that I wanted to show you my appreciation… In person,” his voice ending in a husky growl.

“Mmmmmmh,” she moaned. “What kind of reward did you have in mind? Is your wife okay with this reward?” Her tone suggested that she didn’t care.

Dave wrapped his arms around her, fingertips brushing against the fabric, making her sensitive skin tingle during their journey. He finally reached her buttons, slowly worked them open, as he replied to her, his voice deepening.

“I’m sure she would probably like this reward as much as your husband would.”

Theresa began to pant with desire, her breath coming in short gasps. Her body flushed with carnal heat, as his fingers finished with the last button, moving up to pull the blouse back over and off her shoulders. The colder air flashed over her skin, causing goosebumps. Dave leaned forward, pushing his lips down onto the side of her smooth neck.

“I love the taste of you,” he moaned, as he continued his torture of her sensitive skin.

Theresa reached behind her, unhooking the clasp to her bra, pulling it off. She dropped it and her blouse to the floor, reaching behind herself to unhook the clasp of her skirt and zipping it down. Her long skirt joined the pile gathering at their feet, as he moved up to kiss her full on the lips.

She moaned into his mouth, placing both palms on the sides of his face, gripping him as if they would never touch lips again. Dave slid his hands down her sides, brushing her perfect breasts, running his fingers under their tender softness. He rubbed his thumbs on the exposed nipples, sending jolts of electricity throughout her body.

She grabbed his shoulders and turned him towards the couch sitting against the wall. She shoved him backwards, so that he flopped down on the seat. Theresa pulled at his button and zipper, tugging his pants and boxers down together.

Theresa caught sight of the object of her obsession, and had to have it. She leaned in, running the tip of her tongue along the underside of his manhood. She grasped it at the base in her slender fingers, slowly stroking it, as she licked to the top.

Dave growled, and grabbed her by the arms, roughly tugging her upwards. She slid up and nearly fell into his lap. She straddled his legs with her own, moving closer to him, sliding back and forth on his toned legs. He wrapped one hand behind her neck, and pulled her in for another fiery passionate kiss. Their tongues dueled, probing and dancing with each other. Their breathing was coming in gasps as she slid forward on his lap. She reached down, grasping his throbbing hardness, lining it up where she wanted it most.

They both moaned out their pleasure, as they joined all the way. When he was fully in her hot sheath, he panted out. “Oh god… that feels… so good…”

She could only nod her head and moan, as she began a slow rocking motion in his lap. Looking down at their union, she started to get more turned on than ever before. She watched as his milky white skin slid against the warm brown shade of her womanhood, their thighs rubbing together in harmony. She felt a surge of warmth spread from her chest all the way down to her core.

Dave wrapped his arms around her, one hand grasping her firm ass as the other ran a feathery touch up her spine. The smooth touch sent chills up her back, and she moaned deeply into his kiss. She rocked back and forth, pulling back from his kiss to stare into his eyes. His deep hazel gaze bore into her, and she shivered again with the intensity of his look.

He moved his hand down her back, rubbing along her ribs and to her waist, where he moved his thumb around her, to rub against her hard nub. The rounded motions he was doing proved to be too much for her, and she cried out in ecstasy. The pure thrill of what they were doing had her shaking hard. She rocked erratically in his lap as she rode the waves of her pleasure.

Dave growled again, and moved his teeth to her exposed neck, to lightly nip at her smooth skin. He licked where he had bitten, and she continued to shake against him, dropping her head to his shoulder. When she settled into his lap, he wrapped an arm around her waist, and rolled her over to lay back on the couch, moving on top of her.

Theresa moaned out again, “Oh yeah… Ughnnnn,” as she wrapped her legs around his thighs.

He slid back into her easily, as the velvety walls of her womanhood massaged his achingly hard cock.

They both grunted again, as they continued to express their passion to each other. He moved back and forth, tortuously slow. She panted, begging for more.

“More… Fuck me… Harder… Oh yeah…”

Her words made something in him snap, and he gave her the most intense and piercing look she had ever seen. He rose, pushing himself up so that he could stare at her, his desire to be one with her evident. She rocked her hips up into him, as he continued his passionate thrusting. She felt on fire, like little burning tingles shooting up and down her body.

Dave was moving furiously now, and moved down to kiss and suck on a hard nipple. Once the little bullet was in his mouth, his tongue gave it luxurious treatment. He laved over it, turning the tip of this tongue into a fine point, rolling it over and around her pliant skin. His hips were rocking her so hard, that the couch under her began to groan.

All in one instant, her whole body turned up like a furnace, the fires deep within her rolling all over her. Theresa closed her eyes, moaned and gave in to her body’s need. Her eyes shot open, mouth forming a tight ‘O’ as she screamed silently. She shook and shuddered, long and hard, as waves of pleasure finally caught up with him as well.

Dave mashed his lips to hers, pouring himself into her all at once. The heat of their union felt like he would burn up, too, but he was beyond caring. His movements slowed, as the passion of their joining slowed. Wrapping his arms around her, he hugged her tight to his chest.

They both lay, panting, neither able to say a word. Theresa shook slightly, as an aftershock of her earthquake strength orgasm rolled over her again. It took several minutes before they were able to think straight.

Theresa opened her eyes, to see Dave looking deep into her soul. She smiled, and he returned the smile. Dave slowly got up, helping her to sit up on the couch. He slid in next to her, and they hugged again, the warm embrace of long-time lovers.

“God, that was wonderful,” Dave said first.

She smiled in return, “I know. You’ve always been amazing. I only wish we could do THIS more often.”

His lips curled up in a grin to match hers, “Yeah, but we would probably get caught… I love you so much.”

Theresa leaned forward, wrapping her hands behind his head, moving in to kiss him again. The extreme hunger from before was gone, replaced by the warmth of a loving, tender, kiss. Eventually, she leaned back again, breaking their tender moment.

“Dave, honey, I love you more than any words can describe.”

He smiled again. “What will your husband think, coming home after fucking your boss at the office?”

She slapped his arm lightly, “You pig! I would hope that he would grab me, and toss me down on the floor, to fuck me again!”

He laughed lightly with her teasing. “You’re right! I love your imagination, and am SO glad you agreed to help fill in while Mary is out,” he replied.

“Well who else could keep the boss happy?” she teased again, with a wink.

“You can keep me happy any time you like,” he winked back.

“Hah! Just don’t get any ideas when Mary gets back. I won’t share you with anyone!” she warned playfully.

Dave gave her a serious look then. “Never, baby. I’ll always come home to you, ONLY you,” he affirmed. “You are my soulmate. How could I ever want anyone else?”

They both smiled, as their hands joined, fingers weaving around each other. They each lightly rubbed their wedding bands, remembering the very personal engravings they had inscribed on them.

“Eternal Love — Forever Yours”

After a few minutes, Theresa stood up. “Let’s go home, honey. I already told my parents that the kids were spending the night with them,” she told him, with a very hungry look in her eyes.

He practically jumped up, “God I love you!”

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