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The Road Show (Erotic Story)

On one of the weekdays, I went to my husband’s office for having our lunch together as pre programmed. We went to a restaurant which was far away from his office. I was expecting that he will take me to the restaurant near his office so that he can resume his work after the lunch time. The restaurant was such a place that gave us some privacy to talk about anything. As usual, our conversation took an expected and delightful turn towards our sexual encounters while taking our lunch.

My husband looked around the restaurant, and then he leans over and asked me:

“Do you like to masturbate here?”

My body responded before my lips did and I felt my nipples harden and my clit swell with arousal on hearing that from my husband.

Thinking back, I could remember that by the age of fourteen, I had already discovered that touching certain areas of my body made me feel good. Thanks to my uncle. My uncle made me a complete woman at the age of fourteen years. I used to get fucked by my uncle almost all daily. Whenever he was not available to fuck me, in the night, I spent my time in pinching my nipples and in fingering my cunt, until I quivered with excitement and orgasm. And Masturbating in public place was also not new for me. I did it many times in the past.

I blush and giggled.
Instead of replying, I asked him:

“Do you want me to masturbate here?”

He replied straightaway.

“Yes, especially when I remember your past record. You always make my blood boil with your action.”

I shifted in my chair. I was already feeling the wetness down, which was accumulating on my panties. I also noticed that my husband’s dick was already too hard.

He kissed my cheek.

I took a sip of wine from my glass and I squirmed in my seat. I noticed that my husband was watching me closely.

He flashes me a devilish grin and he suggested:

“Looks like I am not the only one horny as hell. You too look too horny and other customers in the restaurant will also get horny if they notice you masturbating under the table. Now I dropped this Idea. Let’s get out of here after the lunch for a short drive.”

I nodded my head in agreement and we finished our lunch in little hurry. During our lunch, I saw that many pairs in the restaurant were involved in different types of sexual activities. For me, it was the perfect place for our sexual activities too. But, as my husband wanted to go for a drive, we stood up and we walked out of the restaurant. I made it sure that my hot and sexy body concealed on my husband’s hard on.

He escorted me up to the car. The smell of my favorite cologne on my husband was enough to make me sexier. When he opened the car door, I leaned into him and I kissed his cheek.

My husband slid in the car beside me. He looked around and then he kisses me passionately while his fingers ran across the swell of my boobs. I had every idea about what would was about to happen on our drive.

“Let’s go for a drive in the country.” He said.

“What about your office? It is not closing time. It is only lunch time.” I asked him.

“It does not matter. There is not much to do today. I will attend it later or even I can skip it today.” He replied.

I grabbed his hand and I placed it in up under my short skirt until his fingers touched my drenched panties.

His face lighted up with excitement on touching my panties and he said:

“Damn Julee. You are so wet. I need to fuck you. I know of a secluded area where we can go and we can have some fuck fun.”

He placed both of his hands on the driving wheel and he drove the car out of the busy road. I laid my head on his shoulder. Soon, I noticed that my husband turned off the car from the main road and now we were going down on a dusty country road.

Once I saw that we were out of the city, I began unbuttoning my dress. I was moving cautiously and slowly as wanted to give complete pleasure of striptease to my husband in the running car. Soon, I was sitting beside my husband having only my bra and panties on my body. I threw my top and skirt on the back seat of the car. When my husband glanced at me, I saw a familiar lighting in his eyes.

“Hot. Damn! Julee, you have a real exhibitionist quality.” He said.

I smiled seductively and I asked him:

“Like what you see baby?”

He nodded his head, and he gently moved his right hand up to my left leg. He was slowly kneading my bare skin with a touch as light as a feather. Soon, his hand was closer to my hot cunt with each passing second. My own hand instinctively reached up to his hard cock, which was tenting his pants. Just as his hand reached at my soaking pussy, I quivered with an approaching orgasm.

Then, to my frustration, he removed his hand quickly. I looked at him and he said:

“I don’t care who is looking at us baby. I just want you to take everything off of your sexy body, right now.”

By this point, I was so damn horny. I complied with his wish happily, without any hesitation. He slowed down the car to watch me and soon, I was sitting there naked, with my nipples in view of anyone who drove past us.

My husband licked his lips hungrily and he said:

“Now masturbate for me baby.”

Immediately, in running car, with one hand, I rubbed a hard nipple of mine while my other hand slipped between the folds of my steamy cunt.

I watched his reaction as my touch to myself turned me on even more. I quivered and squealed.

“Oh fuck. I just love playing with my hot naked body in front of you! My cunt is so wet!”

“I want you to cum for me baby!” My husband demanded.

I closed my eyes. I was already in deep pleasure. I was rubbing my clit ferociously, and I was pinching my own hardened nipple. I gasped, and suddenly I screamed:

“Ooooooooh God, I am Cumming!”

In all the commotion, I had no idea when my husband had pulled off the car from that dirt road on to a barely used pathway. That was until the car stopped and he opened his car door.

I knew that my husband had been waiting a long time to have hot wild sex like this. It was the time for both of us to experience what we were missing in recent past.

My husband asked me to get out of the car and he asked me to come around to the driver’s side. I was completely naked. I looked around and I noticed that there was no one to watch my naked body except my husband. I walked out of the car and once I was there near the driver’s door, I saw my husband pulling off his shirt and pants. Then, he also removed his underwear, the last cloth of his body.

When he was also completely naked like me, he pulled me closer to him. He kissed me hard, and our tongues were doing the dance of lovers.

With a devilish smirk on his face, my husband asked me:

“Do you wish to give me a blow job?”

I smiled. There was no way that I miss such a golden chance. It is always a pleasure for me to have my husband’s wonderful fuck pole in any of the hole in my body, at anytime, and at anywhere. I knelled on the grass before him without any hesitation. I put my mouth down around the head of his cock. I was then gently swirling my tongue around his long, thick and hot wonderful fuck rod. I started licking the maximum possible length of his long fucking shaft. When I engulfed his cock head, and I started swirling my tongue around it, my husband moaned with pleasure.

He started thrusting his hips up to meet my lips. He was fucking my mouth. As he was hot and horny since a long time, I guessed that he would cum soon.

But he did not cum soon. It took a long time as usual. He ran his fingers through my hair. I was getting my mouth fucked by my husband’s hot fuck tool. I was anticipating and expecting a wonderful fuck from him right there in open. But my husband had a different idea in his mind. He kept fucking my mouth for a longer time as I understood that he wanted to cum in to my mouth.

All of a sudden, after a long blow job, he grabbed my head. He was holding his dick tightly in my mouth and his cum exploded down my throat. I did not waste a single drop of his cum. I swallowed it all. What a tasty treat that was.

Afterwards, I stood up and I licked my lips. I said:

“You always taste so fucking good baby!”

My husband smiled and he told me to move little away so he could get out of the car. He stood up naked outside of the car. He pulled me closer, and he kissed me again deeply.

“Love you baby, you always knows what I needed!” He said.

After some time, he made me laid down on the seat and he purred:

“It’s my turn baby.”

And without any delay, he jammed his mouth on my drenching pussy. I was already so hot and horny that I was bucking my pussy over his mouth because, I wanted to cum again, this time in my husband’s mouth. My husband was eating his favorite dish, my pussy and as always, it felt wonderful to me. I always love my pussy eating by my husband and my husband too always loves to eat my pussy. I was not far away from my orgasm and by noticing it, my husband increased the licking and sucking speed. He was tongue fucking my pussy like a small cock was moving in and out of my pussy.

Suddenly, my husband pushed his finger in to my ass and it was too much for me. I was in deep and strong orgasm and my husband was gulping the tasty juices which were coming out of my pussy in a big quantity. I was in the heaven of pleasure. My husband’s mouth was still tight lipped on my pussy lips. He moved his finger a couple of times in and out of my ass and then he pulled his finger out of my ass. He sucked and licked all the juices produced and released by my pussy. Finally, he removed his mouth from my pussy and he stood naked out of the car.

I saw that his cock was getting hard again. It was twitching and it was going up and up. I knew that it will be hard again within no time, and it will be ready to fuck me, within no time.

I moved my hand by sitting in the car and I took hold of his hardening dick. I started masturbating his cock by holding it tight between my fists. It was going harder and harder. I was seeing a chance of getting fucked by my husband right there. My husband must have read my mind.

“Do you want me to fuck you here?” He asked.

I did not say anything from my mouth, but I conveyed my wish to him by a naughty smile on my face.

“Ok dear. I will make you cum again by fucking. But as you know, I may take a longer time to cum as you just made me cum in your mouth. It is already late afternoon and by the time we reach home, it will be evening. So, I will make you cum by fucking and you make me cum again in your mouth in the car on the way to home in slutty way.” My Husband expressed his desire.

With that, he pushed his fucking pole in to my wet and hot pussy. His dick was fully deep in to my already very wet pussy and he immediately started fucking me wildly with full force. He was fucking me like he always fucks me while having a quickie.

I was enjoying his wild fucking on the car seat. The door of the car was open and my legs were outside of the car. Luckily or unluckily we were fucking at the place where no one could see us unless someone passes particularly on that path. The main road was far away from the place where we were fucking. And we were far away from city too.

My husband was fucking me in full force and full pace like he will never stop fucking me. I was getting near and nearer to my orgasm, but as usual, there was no sign that my husband Cums soon. He is such a loving husband with a strong fucking dick and he never Cums without giving me two or three orgasms in a single fucking. My naked body started stiffening on the car seat as the sign of arrival of my orgasm and soon, I was bucking my hips and a loud moan of pleasure and satisfaction escaped from my mouth. I was experiencing yet another wonderful orgasm.

My husband stopped me fucking but his hot and hard cock was still deep in to my pussy. He was waiting for my orgasm to be over. After some time, he withdrew his hard cock from my well fucked pussy. He pulled his underwear and pants up in his legs, but he did not wear them properly on his hips. I knew that it was to give me a complete access of his cock in the car while driving back home.

I came out of the car. I moved my hands towards my clothes, which were lying on the back seat of the car, but my husband asked me to remain naked in the car while driving back home. I smiled naughtily at him. Finally, he sat on the driving seat with his pants and underwear down at his knees and his big cock was standing right on the driving wheel. I sat completely naked on the passenger seat beside him. He started the car and we started our journey for our home.

My husband smiled at me with a devilish smile, probably he was thinking about what he had in mind. There was just something incredible between us…it was electric.

I knew what he had in his mind, and I did not care.

He glanced over and I saw a lustful look in his eyes.

I smiled at him and I leaned over. I started to rub his naked cock.

“I love doing this.” I whispered in a husky voice.

“Even I love this.” He replied.

His cock was already rigid as he just fucked me without firing his cum in to my pussy. By that time, we have pulled out onto the busy Interstate road.

Lust was written all over on my face. I was jerking my husband’s hard cock slowly with my hand. I squeezed a drop of pre-Cum out of his dick. Then I lowered my face and I took it on my tongue, while he was driving down the middle of the Interstate road. My husband had to concentrate on driving, but my oral attention was making it difficult to do, I knew.

He glanced across at my naked body. While I was sucking his cock in earnest, he moved one of his hands between my legs. When his fingers found my pussy, he knew that I was dripping wet.

I spread my legs, so he could finger my pussy without any encumbrance while driving the car. I was engulfing his cock.

My husband looked over at my drenched cunt and I felt that he shivered with the desires. He was finger fucking me. The harder he did that, the deeper I sucked his dick.

I noticed that my husband was so aroused but he was paying full attention to the road also. He was driving the car with his one hand very skillfully and he was using his other hand on my wet cunt, which was too very skillfully. I bet, he was not thinking about what others might see while passing on the road. The harder I was sucking his dick, the faster he drove his fingers in to my cunt.

When our car passed an eighteen-wheeler truck, I bet that my husband never thought about the fact that the truck driver would have a great view of my naked body. When he pulled up the car alongside the truck, the truck driver quickly let my husband know his approval of the show; by honking his horn and speeding up his truck, so that he could stay along side of us.

That got my attention too. But instead of letting it bother me, it only made me hotter. I waved my naked ass at the trucker while I was concentrating on sucking of my husband’s cock.

The excitement, the adventure and the pleasure of exposing and showing his naked wife to a stranger trucker was such that my husband’s cock did not take much time to cum in my mouth. He was erupting hot cum into my mouth.

After firing and shooting his cum in to my mouth, he started to speed up the car to get past the trucker, but I stopped him by saying:

“Why dear? Let the poor man watch me more!”

I rolled over on my back in the seat and I reclined so the trucker could watch my husband fingering my pussy. I spread my legs lewdly so he could see everything. And my husband’s fucking fingers were lifting me up off of the seat. My husband was unable to see the trucker guy’s face, but I could. I watched him until I quivered and exploded around my husband’s thrusting fingers. At that moment, I realized that how much a little exhibitionism can turn someone on.

As soon as I orgasmed, my attitude changed. I sat up and I covered myself by putting by clothes on my naked body. I did not wear the clothes, but I just put them on my body to cover my nakedness. My husband increased the speed of the car and we were moving ahead of the trucker.

My husband pulled the car away from the trucker and he honked his horn one last time as the eighteen-wheeler pulled off the road. I was wondering how long it will take the guy to get his cock out of his pants, after the show he had just saw. I was sure that the guy will park his truck on the first available place and he will masturbate for sure.

I quickly put my panties and dress back on my body in the running car as we were approaching the city. I also helped my husband in getting his manhood back into his underwear and pants.

I was well aware that it was not the end of the fucking day. I knew that there will be another round of wonderful fucking between us was waiting for us at the privacy of our home between me and my fucking husband.

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