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Special Weekend (Erotic Story)

I was really looking forward to spending some time over the spring bank holiday weekend with my old school friend Tricia and her lovely partner Ellen. I hadn’t seen either of them for over a year since the celebration of their civil ceremony in Canterbury and although I had to work right through until five on the Saturday, the three-hour drive down the M40 and M25 was a breeze. There was some minor congestion en route but at eight-fifteen I pulled into the delightful private grounds of Old Vicarage Court.

Tricia and Ellen’s elegant home was in a converted eighteenth century vicarage and the extensive walled grounds had been tastefully developed with natural stone properties perfectly matching the architecture of the original building.

At this time of the year the mature trees and shrubs in full bloom presented a vista of scenic beauty and as I walked down the gravel path towards their front door it slowly opened and Tricia was there to welcome me with a hug and a kiss.

“I saw you walking down the path,” She said, “Come in and make yourself comfortable.”

She ushered me into the lounge and took my overnight bag.

Although she was a couple of years younger than me, we’d been close friends since our school days so conversation was easy and as we sipped the glasses of wine that she’d poured, we reminisced over old times.

“Ellen?” I enquired.

Tricia replied, “She’s at her mother’s at the moment because the poor thing had a fall and has just come out of hospital but I’m expecting her home sometime tomorrow.”

Tricia had prepared a lovely supper of salmon fillets, salad, asparagus and new potatoes, which was just right. Perhaps I should have resisted a second helping of tiramisu but as my mum always used to say, “A little bit of what you fancy does you no harm.”

I told her about how my laptop had been stolen and more or less everything was lost apart from my music tracks that were backed up on my MP3 players. I showed her my camera and asked her if she’d be willing to take some pictures of me so that I could start to re-build my albums.

She happily agreed and as the evening went on we reached the stage where we were both ready for bed. Tricia led me upstairs to the guest bedroom, which was tastefully furnished and decorated in shades of pink and peach with a full depth window that overlooked their private garden.

We kissed on the cheek and she bid me goodnight.

I took off my clothes and slipped naked under the duvet. It was a clear night with an almost full moon that sent its beams streaming through the window softly illuminating the room with a pale silvery light.

I looked at my bedside clock and saw that it was almost midnight, which meant that I’d been in bed for nearly half an hour and hadn’t yet drifted off to sleep so I slid my hand down my tummy and began to stroke the soft folds of my labia. I caressed my clit tenderly and as I became more and more moist I slipped the middle finger of my right hand into my vagina and started to gently pleasure myself with it.

Just then I sensed the bedroom door opening and closing. Tricia slipped into bed next to me and said softly, “I couldn’t sleep.”

I replied, “Me neither.”

“I was just lying there masturbating,” She said.

“Me too,” I replied.

Without another word she pressed her warm naked body against mine and as she gently fondled my breast our lips met and we kissed lovingly.

“What about Ellen?” I asked.

She replied, “If she were here Candy she’d be in this bed with us.”

Nothing more was said and we just started to make love to each other.

Tricia was slender and had smaller breasts than me but she had blonde hair like mine and as I ran my hand down her tummy and towards her pussy I felt a tiny patch of hair just above her slit. Her hand was already caressing the soft flesh between my legs, massaging my labia and probing the warm wet tunnel of my vagina.

I was doing the same to her and as our passion became more energetic we threw off the duvet and just revelled in our pleasure. Our writhing naked bodies were bathed in moonlight and we had no need to turn on any other lights in order to see each other.

Tricia then got on top of me so that she could lick my pussy and I could lick hers. I could feel her sucking my soft fleshy lips and the sensation of her tongue flicking the hard button of my clit. As I licked her in the same way I could taste the delicate flavour of her juices as they oozed out of her vagina and into my mouth.

A woman’s loving touch is something unique in sexual pleasure and we were both giving and receiving the same wonderful sensations but, as though it had been rehearsed, we suddenly disconnected and Tricia opened her slender legs so that I could get between them. We gently moved so that our pussies kissed and we started grinding them together rhythmically. “I’ve got a vibrator in my bag,” I whispered.

“We don’t need penetration Candy, we’ve got everything that nature gave us to enjoy our sex,” she softly replied.

That just made me melt and as we pressed our wet pussies together harder and faster I knew that it was only a matter of time before we would reach orgasm. Within a few minutes we were both panting and moaning softly as we both felt we were getting close and then, without warning, Tricia’s body began to twitch violently as the feelings inside her reached a crescendo of pleasure. Almost simultaneously my orgasm hit me like ten thousand volts coursing through my body from head to toe. We carried on thrusting our clits together in the hope of more orgasmic pleasure but it wasn’t to be and gradually we eased down coming slowly to a natural stop.

We were still connected and breathing heavily for several minutes before we reluctantly parted. Tricia recovered the duvet and we snuggled up to each other. We didn’t say anything, we just kissed tenderly and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

When I awoke the next morning Tricia wasn’t there but I heard noises from the kitchen so I ambled down the stairs.

We greeted each other and kissed. Neither of us had bothered to dress and when Tricia offered me some breakfast I just sat at the breakfast bar waiting for her to put some toast and coffee in front of me.

“I’ve had a call from Ellen,” Tricia said, “She’s hoping to be home around lunchtime and has asked if you can hang on so that she can meet up with you again.”

“Sure,” I replied, “I’m looking forward to seeing her too.”

After breakfast we both showered and although she’d dressed in a pair of denim micro shorts and a pale orange top, I stayed in my towelling robe whilst we discussed the photographs.

Tricia is not a professional photographer and I’ve never really done any modelling so this was new territory for both of us. “I’m looking for something tasteful but horny,” I said, “Maybe some unusual angles and I really like black and white.”

“I’ll do my best,” Tricia said, “And it’s such a lovely morning why don’t we go into the garden? It’s totally secluded so you can be as uninhibited as you like.”

“I guess raunchy but artistic is what I want,” I said as I set the camera on the correct mode and we made our way to the garden.

It was all a bit awkward at first but gradually I felt more comfortable with being photographed nude and just did what came naturally hoping that Tricia would capture at least a few good images.

I suppose it took around half an hour and we decided that we’d probably managed to get a nice selection to choose from.

Just as we were walking back towards the house Ellen appeared at the French doors.

We all greeted each other and kissed innocently as Tricia explained why I was naked and we all went inside. Neither of them seemed to mind that I had no clothes on as they casually discussed how Ellen’s mum was recovering after her accident.

It was almost lunchtime now so while Tricia and Ellen started putting a few dishes of cold meats and salads together with some chunks of crusty bread, I went upstairs and slipped on a flimsy summer dress just so that I was decent when we all sat around the table.

I had a quick flick through the pictures that Tricia had taken and they looked pretty good. I complimented her on her photographic skill and she thanked me.

“Maybe you could take some nice horny pictures of us Candy,” Ellen said, “We’ve only got our wedding ‘photo’s haven’t we Trish?”

Tricia agreed with her and I said that it was fine with me.

By the time we’d finished our lunch the weather had taken a turn for the worse and it was now raining so I suggested that we’d be better off in the lounge. The white leather sofa, terracotta rug and striking abstract painting provided a pleasing setting and I started with some nice demure shots of the two them on the sofa.

Ellen was just gorgeous with long red hair and a curvy figure much like mine. She was wearing similar skimpy denim shorts similar to Tricia’s and a pale green strapless top.

When they started kissing each other and removing their clothes it was clear that this was becoming more than just a photo-session. They began to get quite carried away and seemed oblivious to me taking pictures of them licking and fingering each other. They were just having sex right in front of me and It was making me really wet.

Then Tricia looked at me, smiled and said invitingly, “Come on Candy, get undressed and join us.”

That was the end of the photo-session and the beginning of a wonderful threesome.

I pulled my dress over my head and joined them on the sofa but Ellen said, “Let’s carry this on upstairs,” and she led us up to the main bedroom, which was beautifully furnished with a super king-size bed dominating the room.

We all crawled onto the bed but it was difficult to know where to start because we were all so hot for each other. Tricia lay on her back and opened her legs. Ellen immediately buried her face into her groin and I was presented with Ellen’s perfect rear and the sight of her succulent pussy. I tentatively licked the soft flesh of her genitals and when there was no objection I buried my tongue deep into her warm wet vagina enjoying the taste of her delicious juices for the first time.

Tricia was groaning softly as Ellen licked her from anus to clit and I really wanted one of them to use a tongue on me so I moved around and sat astride Tricia’s face and lowered myself down until I felt my labia being sucked and licked.

Somehow we tumbled onto our sides and were in a kind of triangle where Tricia was licking me, Ellen was licking Tricia and I was licking Ellen. We didn’t say anything but we’d found the perfect way to share each other and by using our fingers and tongues we knew that we could bring each other to orgasm in this position.

It was so sensual and the only sound was of three young women slurping and groaning as we savoured each other’s delicate flavours.

Ellen was the first to cum. I wasn’t doing anything special but she just suddenly jolted and her whole body shuddered as her orgasm engulfed her. She hadn’t even finished trembling before the lovely Tricia squealed and twitched as she reached a satisfying climax too. Then, just as I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen for me, Tricia’s tongue gave my tender clit the last two or three licks it needed to send me into orgasmic heaven. My whole body quivered as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through me and let my warm juices drizzle over Tricia’s tongue like liquid honey.

Gradually we all just stopped pleasuring each other and our sex came to a natural conclusion then, we all started giggling like naughty schoolgirls. After a few minutes I found myself lying between my friends as they snuggled up against me.

“Who needs men?” Ellen mused.

It was a rhetorical question but after the wonderful sex we’d just had, perhaps she had a point. The whole encounter hadn’t lasted more than twenty minutes but it didn’t need to.

We kissed and cuddled for a bit longer but I had a long drive ahead of me so it wasn’t long before I was dressed, packed and ready to leave for home. We exchanged innocent kisses and they wished me a safe journey home.

We promised each other that we would get together again soon and my last vision of my two gorgeous friends as I walked up the path to my car was of them standing naked on their doorstep and waving goodbye to me.

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